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Reel Love Oysters Rockefeller Recipe

Reel Love Oysters Rockefeller Recipe

By Chef Marcus Published: February 12, 2014



    1. Gather ingredients. Heat butter in sauté pan (better than olive oil in a cream based sauce) Add chopped garlic and sauté to release sweetness and caramelize (sauté a couple minutes), then add chopped shallots (sauté a couple more minutes). Toss in fresh, clean spinach with tongs. When spinach wilts remove with tongs and set into small shallow casserole dish.
    2. In sauté pan (after spinach is removed), add wine and reduce, then add cream. Bring to boil then reduce to simmer. Season with salt and pepper. Optional: add a splash of anise flavored liquor. Add oysters into simmering sauce for about one minute to cook. Top with parsley or chives.
    3. Remove oysters and place atop spinach in the baking dish. Top with the sauce from the sauté pan. Sprinkle on parmesan or your favorite grated hard cheese.
    4. Broil until golden grown.
    5. Serving tips: Serve with crisp baguette and a glass of Muscadet or an Idaho white wine Recipe compliments of Reel Foods Fish Market, Boise, Idaho
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