King Salmon

Wild Alaska King Salmon

Oncorhynchus tschawytscha


Also known as chinook, king salmon are the largest of the 5 commercially harvested species from the N. Pacific and can reach weights up to 125 lbs. (they are also the least abundant, and in general, the most expensive). Although Copper River kings tend to get the most press, we source king salmon from different areas of Alaska as well.


All wild salmon are anadromous – spawn in fresh water and then the young migrate to the sea to mature. Although the timing and characteristics of the five species of Wild Salmon differ somewhat, mature adults return to the stream of their birth to spawn. For the most part that’s when we harvest them – they have been fattening up in preparation for this return trip and are at their peak.


Available year round in frozen form, fresh troll caught kings are available sporadically throughout the entire year, with fresh gill net and purse seine caught salmon available in spring and early summer.




Wild caught; troll, gill net, purse seine

Product Sold As:

  • SAL180       Salmon, King, Red Troll, Whole, Head off
  • SAL184       Salmon, King, Red Troll, fillet, skin on, PBO
  • SAL183       Salmon, King, Red Troll, fillet, skin off, PBO
  • SAL164       Salmon, King, White, Troll, Whole, Head off
  • SAL168P     Salmon, King, Red Troll, fillet, skin on, PBO
  • SAL167P     Salmon, King, Red Troll, fillet, skin off, PBO